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Hotel of the Najeti Hôtel la Magnaneraie

The hotel and its values

A hotel adapted to your needs

Located on the heights of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, 5 minutes from Avignon, Najeti Hotel la Magnaneraie welcomes you 7 days / 7 and 24 hours / 24.

At the gateway to the famous city of the Popes, the hotel offers 32 rooms and suites. Each room is equipped with all necessary equipment: bedding and quality pillows, bathroom and toilet, LCD TV ...

Some rooms are adapted for people with reduced mobility. Our hotel also offers Wi-fi so that you can keep in touch with your professional or private entourage (check your emails, communicate, surf the Internet ...)

You will find everything you need to restore you with our restaurant Le Mûrier and the piano bar of the hotel. If you wish to have breakfast, it is available at the buffet or served in your room.

Hotel Facilities

For your leisure and relaxation, the hotel has a heated outdoor pool, private and free; as well as a Provencal garden to walk around.

The hotel also has three private car parks.

The services at your disposal

Your desires and your well-being are a priority for us. So that your stay at our hotel in Avignon is unforgettable and the most pleasant, we offer you personalized services.

  • Reception in French and in English, 24 hours / 24
  • Three private car parks: front side, garden side and covered garage of the swimming pool (supplement of 10 € / night)
  • Room adapted for people with reduced mobility
  • Free WIFI
  • Laundry (return within 48 hours)
  • Hypoallergenic blankets and pillows available
  • Extra towels and toiletries are available free of charge upon request at the reception
  • Iron and ironing board (on request at reception, subject to availability)

The history of the Magnaneraie

In the 16th century there was already a country house called "La Ripaille". It was the place of rendez-vous of the people of spirit of Villeneuve lez Avignon. There, in 1703, a gentleman of Aramon, Mr. DE POSQUIERES, came to live in Villeneuve and, probably to console himself for the death of his wife, decided to institute a new order which he named "The Order of the drink of close observance ". chronic reports that he had had "dice the maternal belly, printed on the forehead, a bunch of red grapes"! He was immediately and unanimously elected Grand Master. Then the members of the order appointed to establish the statutes, the Viguier Royal of Villeneuve, François MOURGUIER, great scholar and poet. The latter immediately composed a verse for the reception of the new members:

"Brother François Rejoicing Grand Master of a Bacchic Order Famous and flourishing order Founded for Public Health To those who have this status Will see and hear, Hello! "

Brother François Réjouissant was Monsieur DE POSQUIERES, and the members all had a new name: Brother BOIT WITHOUT WATER, GOINFRE, Jean DES VIGNES, BUVETTE, DE FLACONVILLE, etc ... The secretary, Brother ALTERE, signed the diplomas bearing a red wax seal. The arms of the Order were two hands, one of which poured wine from one bottle and the other received it in a glass ... The motto: DONEC TOTUM REPLEAT meant: Until it is completely filled! At the end of the feasts, members of the Order drank in a ceremonial glass of prodigious diameter.

The Order, under the impetus of François MOURGUIER, took a big expansion in the whole afternoon. Unfortunately, Francis died of a 19th apoplexy in 1725. The Order lasted another ten years ...

Over the years, "La Ripaille" grew and became a vast agricultural property: a Magnanerie for the breeding of silkworms. The common name has changed over time to become the proper name Magnaneraie.

In 1914, LUGNE POE, a theater man, bought it and wanted to make it a wine estate. He died in 1940 and the estate is divided between his heirs. A Mr. RODE then makes a hotel.

In 1971, Eliane and Gérard PRAYAL become the happy owners of La Magnaneraie, make it a charming and welcoming home, where one makes even better expensive than at the time of "La Ripaille" or "the Order of the drink of the close observance ".

Finally, it is in 2000 that Jean-Jacques Durand, President of Najeti Hotels and Golfs, literally falls under the spell of this house and makes an acquisition. Since then, it is with respect for authenticity and good taste that the house is reborn to offer its guests an intimate, warm and refined.

We wish you a pleasant stay and hope to welcome you many times.

Pets at the hotel

Najeti Hotel de la Magnaneraie welcomes your pets. These must be kept on a leash in the hotel. The service "animal reception" is 15 € per night for an animal.

Les + du Najeti Hôtel la Magnaneraie à Villeneuve lez Avignon

Hôtel à Villeneuve lez Avignon Provencal garden

Eurostar arriving directly from London

Three private parking

Quartes airports nearby (Avignon, Marseille, Nîmes and Montpellier)


Reception in French and in English 7/7 and 24/24
Buffet breakfast and room service
Daily Press
Seminar room 70m 2
Bar Lounge
Outdoor heated pool
Rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility
Iron and ironing board (on request)
Dental and shaving kit (on request)